Pre-Stain to keep your home looking brand new

Sachco’s Colorfast Pre-Stain Base coat Lignin (wood cell glue) stabilizers prevent yellowing and darkening of the wood itself overtime, which in turn prevent color shifts in the stain applied over top. Light colors stay light and darker colors don’t shift too dark. It is also great as a log keeper coat because it prevents mold and yellowing due to UV damage on new wood as it moves from the mill to the job site and throughout construction. Contains both mildewcide and algaecide to help preserve the wood until it’s time to stain. Or, life happened and you need to wait for a few weeks between prep and staining? No problem.

Deck Staining

Whether you’re staining a new deck or restoring an old one, Superdeck® deck stains, cleaning and maintenance products can help you achieve professional quality results. View Now. We Help Create Beautiful Outdoor Living Spaces. Superdeck stain is our preferred product for staining decks as they help your deck last longer and look great.

Glaze paint on textured walls

Glazing is a standard technique in painting, whereby a thin layer of paint is applied on top of the main colour, resulting in rich, iridescent colours. The glaze technique requires special semi-transparent paints. This gives the walls a tint base look and shadows under textures of the wall.